What is The Stock Market? ( What is share market ) 2019

Hello friends, my name is FARMAN and welcome to another blog of TANNNIFAR, our topic today is What is the stock market? - what is a share market

What is the stock market? what is the share market?

  • Friends, in today's world, everyone wants to earn money, someone wants to earn MONEY in some way and someone wants to earn in some way, the stock market is also the same way, some people also want to earn by doing,

what is stock market
What is The Stock Market? ( What is share market  ) 2019

What is stock market?

Some people want to earn money by trading and some people want to claim money and this is the way the stock market is also a way to earn one rupee, friends want to earn all the money,
in a different way, in a different ways, the stock market in a different way. is

  • We are able to fulfill our dreams only by earning money, nowadays it is necessary to get less money, we cannot live without rupees, we cannot do anything, when the money comes then the food will be made, then the food will not be made. If I do not know or will not come, then we will not be able to stand, we have not been able to do any work. 

  • The money market is in the same way, people earn money in a very good way, but there is a fear in it or they become RUPAY or rupees go away. Investing inside the stock market has to be done. There is a lot of company inside the stock market

  • If you invest on companies, then the profit of the companies is also given to you. The more part of the company you buy, the more money you will get, now friends, what ever happens,

  •  the company goes down, that is, the company does not benefit. Because of which your rupees also go down, you also do not benefit in that.

What is the stock market?

If you invest on a company, then if you have to invest in a company, first you have to know the background of that company, to see its background, whether the company will be able to do something in the future or not if the price will increase If the company goes down, you will also lose

  • Because you too have bought the shares of the company in it, the meaning of the shares is that you can buy any share of friends, friends, there is a lot of risk in the stock market, anytime your rupees can go and it can increase anytime

  • Rupee is why we have to see how the company's GROWTH is happening quickly or it is not happening very slowly, you should have a lot of knowledge of the stock market first, only then you should invest

In the stock market, otherwise you can get trapped in it, friends, to invest in the stock market, you must have DEMANT ACCOUNT open only then you can invest in the stock market, friends, you can open it easily.

  • To open it, you can open your DEMANT ACCOUNT by going to the Register Joker in one of the stock exchanges and you must have any account to open friends DEMANT ACCOUNT.

  • As such, you can also run SAVING ACCOUNT inside it. If you do not have a savings account, then you have to create a savings account first, after that you can open DEMANT ACCOUNT.

  • Friends, you can invest in any company that has money inside DEMANT ACCOUNT, and when the company makes a profit, it will transfer money to your DEMANT ACCOUNT and then you can withdraw it in your account.


  • And you can use it only by friends DEMANT ACCOUNT, you can trade NSE and BSE SHARE, without DEMANT ACCOUNT you cannot invest in stock market or invest in NSE YA BSE

  • Therefore DEMANT ACCOUNT is very important friends who are registered BROKERS in the stock market, we can trade in the stock market only through them, we cannot do direct trading,

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