What Is Hosting? How does Hosting Work?

Hello friends my name is Farman and today I am going to tell you What Is Hosting? How does Hosting Work?

Friends, keep reading this article, you will know what hosting is,

What is hosting

Friends, as you may know, to open a shop, the land is needed, in the same way hosting is needed to keep the website file,

It is said in Simple language that to make any website, the need for hosting reads so that it can keep the file in it,

I have come to know that what hosting is called, now let's know how hosting works,

 How does Hosting Work?
What Is Hosting? How does Hosting Work?

How does hosting work

Friends, when you buy the hosting, it accesses your file on the webserver so that if someone goes to your web address or you can say the domain name, the hosting shows it a copy of your files, then just like hosting It works, now I hope you will know how hosting works, now know what kind of hosting is there,

Type of hosting

Friends, there is a lot of hosting, I want to tell you,

o   shared hosting

o   VPS hosting

o   Wordpress hosting

o   dedicated server

o   cloud hosting

Friends, we have come to know what kind of hosting is, now let's know a little about them.

What is SHARED Hosting 

Friends, this is a type of hotel, as you would know how many people eat together in the hotel, in the same way, something similar happens in this hosting, in this hosting a lot of sari websites are on the physical server but in this also There are many plans, according to which it gives you hosting if you are starting blogging now, you can buy SHARED HOSTING, it can be very good for you.

Friends, I do  what you have told yourself, all of you must have understood thanks

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